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Tim Cope Journeys

13 July 2014 - Trail Of Genghis Khan on ABC Big Ideas today!

. I'm just back in the Kiewa Valley in North East Victoria from a wonderful few weeks in Mongolia where I have been leading a trek in the far west of Mongolia

28 March 2014 - 2014 High Altai Traverse Trek in Russia announced, Book Tops Bestsellers at Perth Writers Festival

.. RETURN FROM WORLD TOUR TO NEW HORIZONS On the 20th of December last year, the train pulled up at Wodonga station, and a rather limp, pale, and flu-ridden passenger unfurled his battered suitcase through the door and very nearly fell out into the baking heat That was me, just three months ago


.. Over the weekend the UK hard back edition of ' On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads' (Bloomsbury Worldwide)  was released To coincide, I have just arrived for a series of interviews, and a couple of presentation events