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Tim Cope Journeys

27 August 2015 - Chef Paul West to host Tim Cope & Mongolian throat Singer, Bukhu, in Bermagui Sunday 30th August

. I'm really excted to announce that the host of River Cottage Australia, Chef Paul West, will be hosting myself, and Mongolian throat singer Bukhu this coming Sunday at the four winds pavlion in Bermagui

21 July 2015 - Tim Cope becomes Mongolian Tourism Envoy & Awarded Tourism Excellency Medal

. This morning, 21st July, Tim Cope was officially inaugurated as tourism envoy for Mongolia, and given the Mongolian Tourism Excellency Medal by the honourable minister for tourism and environment, Oyunkhorol

21 May 2015 - Presenting at the Banff Festival in China this month

... Just a quick update to say that I am excited to be packing my bags and heading to China this evening to present at the Banff festival in Beijing I am really looking forward to this event If you happen to be in china, please see the banff china website for details: