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Tim Cope Journeys

21 May 2015 - Presenting at the Banff Festival in China this month

... Just a quick update to say that I am excited to be packing my bags and heading to China this evening to present at the Banff festival in Beijing I am really looking forward to this event If you happen to be in china, please see the banff china website for details:

09 February 2015 - Final Episode 'The Final Frontier' to air 9.50pm ABC2 ,DVD and book available

. Tonight the final episode of 'The Trail Of Genghis Khan' will be aired on ABC2

26 January 2015 - Episode 4: 'No Place for Nomads' screens tonight 10.15pm ABC2

Really excited to announce that the 6-part ABC documentary series The Trail Of Genghis Khan is being repeated on ABC2 , mondays, all summer long! Tonight, January 26, Episode 4 'No Place for Nomads' airs at 10.15pm SEE A TRAILER FOR EPISODE 4 Episode 4, which plays tonight (10.15pm) in ...