Adventure Writing Blog Summer 2020/21: with Tim Cope & Kingston Libraries

Hi, and welcome to a summer adventure of writing together with me, and the Kingston Libraries! 

Let me introduce myself. I am Tim Cope, an adventurer, author and film-maker. I have ridden a bicycle for 10,000 kilometres across Russia, rowed a wooden boat to the Arctic Ocean, and spent three years riding horses from Mongolia to Europe with my best dog friend – Tigon.

But….the biggest, longest and most exciting  journey of life so far has been found in the adventure of writing. My latest book is for young adults, aged 8-14, and is called Tim & Tigon: A Man. A Dog. An Epic Adventure in The Land of Nomads

Are you ready to take on the writing adventure challenge?

In the coming eight weeks of summer, starting December 1st, we will be navigating wolves, thieves, -52 degrees celisus, and wild deserts on our  journey in the land of nomads. There will be danger, and fun, and of course a four legged friend…but by the end of it, hope that you have also expanded your ‘vocabulary horizons,’ and developed tools and ideas to become a better writer too.

Each week I will be sharing my writing tips, and setting challenges in writing, pictures and video. You can leave a reply for these challenges in the comment section at the bottom of each blog post, and I will happily give you feedback. You are also welcome to ask me questions in your comments. 

At the end of these eight weeks, I will be awarding a prize copy of my book to the writing adventurer who demonstrates the most commitment to becoming an adventure writer. 


Week 1 | December 1, 2020

Wolves, thieves, a four legged friend… and the adventure of writing

Week 2 | December 8, 2020

Horse thieves, and making friends with the unfamiliar

Week 3 | December 15, 2020

Wolves in the night, and a four legged friend…