To coincide with the release of Tim & Tigon (Pan Macmillan), aimed at readers 10-14 years of age, Tim is offering school presentations, both virtual, and in person where possible.

If you are a parent, student, or teacher, or part of a library or readers group, and would like Tim to visit you  (possibly together with a real life descendant of Tigon), then please send through an enquiry and we will get back to you with more details.

Tim is particularly keen to travel regional Australia, so the more far flung your school the better!


Tim & Tigon is written for grade 4 – 9, and is ideal for being a part of well being programs, vocabulary building, English, geography, and Outdoor Education. 

Free resources available to schools include teachers notes, an online interactive blog for young writers and readers, and the opportunity to connect with Tim, either in the form of a presentation, or virtual q & a. If you would like to know more, please get in touch


Tim Cope had a childhood dream: to travel the 10,000 kilometres from Mongolia to Hungary on horseback – a journey undertaken by the legendary leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan. On the way he met a dog called Tigon.

The unlikely tale of the three-and-a-half-year odyssey that unfolded has become a much-loved ABC TV series, a best-selling book (On the Trail of Genghis Khan, Bloomsbury 2013), and now a memoir for young adults, titled Tim & Tigon.

Tim’s odyssey by horse from Mongolia to Europe took him through unbelievable loneliness, hardship, isolation and the extremes of searing heat and bitter cold. But he also immersed himself in the traditions and histories of the people of the steppe, who welcomed him and Tigon into their homes. Tim marveled at their ingenuity and resilience, and the nomadic lifestyle they have followed for centuries.

His journey is completely compelling and unique, resonating with the pioneering spirit of the explorers of old. Above all though this is the story of an extraordinary friendship between Tim and his dog Tigon.


Tim will be exploring themes canvassed in the book, Tim & Tigon, many of which are explored through the unique approachto life of nomads. These include:

  • The importance of taking responsible risks
  • Courage
  • Resilience and patience
  • Friendship
  • Grief
  • Isolation and Survival
  • Curiosity as a means to overcome difference and difficulties
  • The balance between planning and openness to the unexpected
  • The value of human relationships

Ultimately, Tim’s story is one that reminds us all that wonder and curiosity are essential parts of the human spirit.


Recommended time to allow is 1 -1.5 hours. Ideally 40-50 mins for Tim’s talk, then 20-30 minutes for questions, interactions, and book signing. Tim can, however, adjust his presentation to shorter and long time periods, and is open to any workshopping or activities that teachers may be interested in arranging for students.